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Plastic URN

Designed by Deco








「PlasticUrn」というプラスチックで出来た骨壺を提案する。今まで深くプラスチックが関わることのなかった「死」に未来でプラスチックが関わるようになるのは必然といえ、安価で頑丈な素材特性は未来の人口増加した世界の中でその条件を十分満たしている。問題があるとするならばそれは精神的な事だが、私たちはそれをあまり問題だとは考えていない。なぜなら墓石や木の棺に死者の魂が宿るわけではなく、人の死というのは人の祈りによって克服されると捉えてるからである。 「PlasticUrn」は宇宙葬を前提に考えられている。宇宙に打ち上げられた骨壺は浮遊しながらしばらく漂い地球に引っ張られ燃え尽きる。私たちの肉体はビッグバンによって分散された星屑で構成されてきた。燃え尽きた遺骨がまた新たな星屑へと変化することで地球へ帰る。残された人々は空に輝く無数の星々に故人を重ねながら、空に祈りを捧げることだろう。


Plastic is one of the best human inventions. Inexpensive, lightweight and sturdy, this material has been repeatedly produced and consumed, and has made great progress and development with humans. However, we have begun to question that the plastics that cover people's lives are not as mentally or physiologically acceptable as wood and stone. Plastic, which is born from nature but refuses to be decomposed naturally, was a material that could be a spiritual icon for humans who dream of eternity, but it is created on the assumption that it will be discarded in a capitalist society. So I thought that plastic had lost its dignity as a material. How can such plastic be essentially accepted by people as a material?



Humans are always afraid of "death." The providence of nature that cannot be resisted can be said to be the only mental weakness that human beings cannot overcome. By 2050, the total population of the planet will reach 10 billion, and we will have to face more "death" than ever before, and at the same time we will have to change the means and methods. Modern "mourning" is not a sustainable means that is expensive and requires control of places and people, but requires new values ​​and ethics.



We propose an urn made of plastic called "Plastic Urn". It is inevitable that plastics will be involved in the future in "death" where plastics have not been deeply involved until now, but cheap and sturdy material properties fully meet the conditions in the future population-increasing world. There is. If there is a problem, it's a mental thing, but we don't think it's a problem too much. This is because the souls of the dead do not dwell in tombstones and wooden caskets, and human death is considered to be overcome by human prayer. "Plastic Urn" is supposed to be a space burial. The urn launched into space floats for a while and is pulled by the earth and burns out. Our bodies have been composed of stardust dispersed by the Big Bang. The burnt-out remains will return to Earth as they transform into new stardust. The remaining people will pray in the sky, layering the deceased on the myriad of stars shining in the sky.

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