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Designed by Takuto Ohta



[deku(木偶 )]は人間とモノの関係性の原初である「棒」と、続いて発生した紐を用いたオブジェクトである。ものづくりの純粋性と快楽性を河原や山頂に積まれた石に感じるように、プロセスにおいて内在的に素材と行為の間に満たされている何かがある。私は素材に見えた精神性の物質化を試み、人間とモノの主体性と客体性の中で[人間化するモノ]-[モノ化する人間]の新たな関係性を模索した。それは結果として無意味な「木偶の坊」で終わるのかもしれない。あるいは未来で主体性を獲得したモノによって発現するであろう、モノによるモノのための「木偶の棒」となるだろうか。


There are times when we feel the desire and fetishism to be materially satisfied in the sense that human beings turn toward things. For example, we can see the great influence that things have on our actions and ideas, such as turning the point of repulsion and anger toward things, giving love to things across generations, and continuing to possess meaningless things. Above all, "making" is an extremely important act in the body and mind, and the existence of things that are independent of the body as an expansion of the body in the process of evolution can be said to be a symbol of humanity. Due to the accelerating production and consumption, human beings are separated from the relations of production, and as a result, things fill up their lives and refuse to create a world without things. While the language of things gradually transforms into human beings as if they are beginning to acquire independence, it seems that humans want to be monolithized as a set.

Humans may dream of liberation from things, or they may embark on new extensibility of immaterial breakthroughs.

[deku] is an object that uses a "stick", which is the original relationship between humans and things, and a string that is subsequently generated. There is something inherently filled between the material and the act in the process, so that the purity and pleasure of manufacturing can be felt in the stones piled up on the riverbanks and mountain peaks. I tried to materialize the spirituality that seemed to be a material, and sought a new relationship between [human beings]-[human beings] in the subjectivity and objectivity of humans and things. As a result, it may end up with a meaningless "Kiyo no Bo". Or will it be a "wooden stick" for things by things that will be expressed by things that have acquired independence in the future?

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