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Designed by Takuto Ohta








Glass wool is a material that has heat insulation and soundproofing functions. Since glass wool, which is a glass fiber cotton, has a different thickness from the glass fiber used in FRP, it has been found through repeated experiments that it uses a slightly different resin penetration method. Furthermore, we succeeded in creating a marble-like texture by changing the permeability of the resin and the thickness of the cotton. In addition, the cubic curved surface created by giving unevenness to the mold by taking advantage of its characteristics as cotton looks like leather.


"RECONSTRUCT" redefines new material. The glass wool used here was actually scrap wood from the demolition site and inventory that was sleeping in the construction shop. I propose that it is necessary for us in the future to reuse glass wool, which is not treated as old material and is being discarded as old material of the new era. This chair exists as an icon that denies the capitalism that created the consumer society, while suggesting that casual garbage has the same potential as glass wool as a new material.


Reconstruct the decomposed materials in the city and live together. Materials that are invisible in our daily lives are discarded without our involvement. This chair will be one of the catalysts that connects us with the opaque architecture. I named this chair "RECONSTRUCT", which means "reconstruction", and made a wish. Manufacturing is now required to undergo major changes in a cramped social system. This chair has a macro aspect of the city while also having a micro aspect that is close to life. It will have the power to re-recognize the current consciousness, destroy the fixed ideas, question the existing system, and rebuild it. "RE: CONSTRUCT" exists in the gap of recognition that we overlook and still asks questions.

2018 ICS Design Award Furniture Category Award

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