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It's only been about 50 years since plastics started to interact with humans. In this short period of time, plastic, which is an inexpensive and easy-to-use material, was loved by humans and spread to the earth, but the problem of plastic disposal and energy has always been taken up in the modern environmental problems. The negative impression of plastic, which requires 2000 years to decompose naturally, cannot be easily dispelled. We tried to create an opportunity to change the value and consciousness of plastic by positively grasping the negative element of 2000.

Plastics 2000 is a long-term storage time capsule. The structure of the frame and the thin film that covers the outside are made of PP, and a bubble-like structure is created inside by putting an object in a vacuum state. This structure is shaped into the most rational natural shape each time, regardless of the shape of what is put inside.

This time, seeds were included. We are not worried about the nature lost by plastics in modern times, but a conscious answer to the new value that modern people, the Anthropocene, will leave unknowingly in the future. Like mosquitoes trapped in amber, we propose products that consider new values ​​and problems for future humans or when seeds are spontaneously released.

2018 Plastic Story & Design Award Selected

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