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1993 Born in France
2017 04 Musashino Art University graduated

2020 04~ Musashino Art University IIC INT  Teaching Associate
2022 03  Tokyo Art University Master (Design)

I re-expose the senses that we lost as a side effect of the reaction to the development of culture and civilization, and Iexpress them in words and forms. Currently, I am focusing on the relationship between things with the keywords,"decomposition" and "production," which are the roots of life activities and manufacturing. I believe that I don’t need to stick to specific areas or categorize my works .I ​try to think in a fluid and pluralistic way during the process.


2014 Asia award_Selected
2015 Asia award_Semi Grandprix
2018 Plastic design&story award_Selected
2019 Wood furniture competition_Silver award
2019 Comit colbert award_Grandprix
2019 Panasonic sports change makers_slected
2020 ADF Milano Salone Award_Grandprix
2022 三菱地所賞


2015 Milano salone_Zone tortona_Italy
2016 ICFF_NYC_America
2017 Milano salone_IKEA booth_Italy
2019 Comit colbert award Exihibition 2019_Geidai Museum_Tokyo
2021 ADF Milano Salone Exihibition_Tortona37_Italy

2022 Tokyo University of the Arts
The 70st Graduation Works Exhibitions​_Tokyo

2022 Comit colbert award Exihibition 2022_Geidai Museum_Tokyo

2022 GEIDAI ARTS in Marunouchi2022_Tokyo


2021/02/09 Pen


2021/11/22 TheTreeMag

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